Električni skuter Yugo u Barceloni

U Barceloni je trenutno 825 električnih skutera za iznajmljivanje, najzanimljiviji je onaj francuske tvrtke Yugo   

Yugo : This French company and with a young team, currently has two hundred motorcycles but will extend it to four hundred in a short time. The motorcycle remembers the old Vespes and this touch Vintage is its differentiating element, the design is important for them since they conceive the journey as an experience not only as a displacement. The bikes are comfortable, with wide seat. You also find two helmets and the price is 0.22 € / min and it goes down to € 0.14 during stops in the way.

Ecooltra : It was the first to settle in the city and in this sense it gives you the advantage to others. They have a fleet of more than five hundred motorcycles and are planning to expand to three thousand arriving in areas of the metropolitan area such as Badalona or Hospitalet de Llobregat. The price is € 0.24 / min that goes down if we hire packages. They are rugged Govec brand motorcycles and it is difficult that you do not find them, wherever you are.

Muving : This wide wheel scooter is lightweight and the most powerful: it’s equivalent to a 125 engine. You have an implant in all Spain: Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Seville … the application will serve us everywhere. It’s the cheapest, € 0.21 / min and € 0.10 on stops, offering many packs in minutes that further cost the cost, such as 100 minutes for € 10, which do not need to be used at once. Of course, you only find a helmet on the motorcycle.


Image result for electric scooter yugo

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