Tragični podaci o obrazovanju

[UZ ODLAZAK TU SU I STALNI TRAGIČNI PODACI O STANJU OBRAZOVANJA] …U ovom istraživanju zauzimamo 46. mjesto od 50 država  I dok se god budemo dijelili na naše i vaše, nema naprijed. Znanje, rad i stručnost su kriteriji, a boje su prošlost …

U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems 2018 … In 2018, the Ranking has been extended in two ways. Firstly, through examining the concentration of research the median level of publications attributable to the top 10 per cent of institutions in each country is 43 per cent. Secondly, by investigating the importance of research training as measured by the number of PhD graduates, the income premium earned by those with a graduate degree, and the throughput of PhDs relative to the exiting stock of researchers in higher education.

Resources, Environment, Connectivity and Output

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